Monday, July 11, 2016

Ice Age: "Grolar Bears"

Polar bears are in danger. Nearly everyone can agree with that. But new research shows that polar bears might start mating with their "cousins", the grizzly bears. This is mainly a result of them having to move to new geographic locations because their current one is no longer a fit for them. With global warming having increased effects on the earth, the polar bears are going to have to relocate, and will probably start mating with grizzly bears. This relates to natural selection in my previous biology class because it shows that animals will adapt to their current needs. It also shows how some species will adapt easier than others. For example, the article mentioned that birds would have the greatest cross-species breeding rate at 11.6% by the year 2100. Is this because of their ability to fly? Or do birds have special adaptation skills? "Grolar bears" is going to be the case for only an estimated 6.4% of species by 2100 [1]. I thought that the percentage of hybrid animals would increase to a larger number because of this climate change. While reading the article, I also wondered how many "grolar bear" hybrids there currently are, and how new this idea is to scientists.

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