Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Reflection of 03/06/17

This week, I continued my research into Domain Four: Information. We delved into some new topics for the year: mitosis and meiosis. This was done through two POGILs and a couple vodcasts talking about the cell cycle, cancer, and meiosis (4.4). The POGILs were very helpful because it refined the information I learned from previously watching the vodcasts. This helped me remember things from freshman biology. Even though it was a while ago, it is coming back fast. 
During the course of the week, I found it very interesting to learn how cancer cells are able to multiply ferociously and out of control. It made me understand why many cells in the human body have to exit through the G0 phase, and most of our cells are not in the replication stage. There are other reasons malfunctions can occur and produce effects like cancer, such as mutations in signal transmitters, both intracellularly and extracellularly (4.9). This was seen through the HHMI packet I completed on Click and Learn. Overall, I need to look over this packet to better understand the proteins involved in this process. This would help me be able to interpret other models and explanations for cancer and tumors. I have a feeling that this is building the foundation for our next exploratory section in this unit about Mendelian Genetics, and how genetic information is passed down from two individuals to its offspring.

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