Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Reflection of 03/20/17

    This week was spent continuing Domain 4: Inheritance. It started out with going over an HHMI activity that looked at which genes are most likely to cause cancer on what chromosomes. It was very interesting to see that it takes a combination of tumor suppressors, oncogenes, cell survival, cell fate, and genome maintenance genes to create a problem such as cancer. This linked to the homework done over the course of the week; exploring ideas pertaining to chromosomal abnormalities and the problems it can cause with Down’s, Turner’s and Klinefelter's Syndromes. It also helped introduce Mendelian Genetics.
    We then started looking into the genetics of parent-to-offspring and the probabilities of each possible gamete and individual (standard 4.5). This is one of my favorite biology units because it combines a great deal of math and biology; two of my favorite things. To practice this unit, we did a worksheet on punnett squares. In class, we did another HHMI activity on chi-squares and pedigrees, which helped solidify questions on the statistics involved with this process. I really enjoy solving pedigrees because it reminds me of Perplexors - a math book that I adored as a child. You had to solve situations based on a certain piece of information. I feel like completing many of these books as an elementary- and middle-schooler helped me be able to pick up on these processes easier.
     The week was closed up by looking at special trends in genetics (standard 4.6). This will be reviewed next week, but looking at a Prezi about this information really helped me remember information from my freshman year of biology and be able to complete the Drosophila Lab next Monday and Tuesday. I think to better myself in this lab, it would be best to memorize the special traits not carried out by Mendelian genetics, including codominance, incomplete dominance, pleiotropy, and epistasis.

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