Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 03/27/2017

    Domain Four was continued this week with diving into and processing the fly lab. This was an online lab where you could cross flies to determine their genotype, as well as looking at different genetic patterns (Standard 4.5). For instance, I learned about both autosomal and x-linked genes, as well as traits that exhibited incomplete dominance, codominance, and epistasis (Standard 4.6). In my independent fly cross, I also learned that some genotypes are lethal, and this can affect both a population and the chi square value (Standard 4.7).
    I was also introduced to grid-in questions on the AP exam pertaining to genetics. These questions asked about Mendelian genetics and the expected phenotype and genotype ratios of offspring given a specific set of data (Standard 4.5). To preface this, the week was filled with a series of prezis and vodcasts based on the history and some examples of heritable traits.
     This is one of my favorite units of biology, and I am both enjoying it and understanding it very much. I am learning a lot more information than previously introduced to me in freshman biology, am soaking it all up. I just need to grasp the levels of control in eukaryotic cells with the miRNA and ncRNA. After some more research, I think I will be able to bring this knowledge to the table in class.

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