Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekly Reflection of 05/08/17

     This week I changed my idea for the project from the psychology of racism to building a shunt for people with hydrocephalus. I am going to use a 3D printer and some plastic tubing to see if I can make a more effective or cost efficient shunt. I just emailed MedicalExpo to see if they could give me a price on one, and hope to hear back from them soon. As for the 3D printer, I have drawn what I want my shunt to look like. It is going to be a "ball and cone" style shunt with a spring that will get pressed down with increased water pressure. This will be the regulator. 
     This week, I also completed extensive background research on hydrocephalus and shunts, and was able to apply this knowledge to planning my 3D printed regulator. The plan for next week is to start the 3D printing process. I might have to do this at my friend's house, but they said they would help me because of their experience with 3D printing. So far, I feel this is going to be a successful project! If I do not hear back from MedicalExpo soon, I might try to contact Memorial Hospital. 

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