Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekly Reflection of 05/30/2017

           Over the weekend, Andy helped me put together my valve using a hot glue gun. After a couple tests under the faucet, we knew that we had successfully put it together. In school this week, I was then able to test my valve by connecting tubing and setting up my structure. I was able to modify my procedure by using a pipette to fill the tubing with water, which was a lot easier than trying to fill it with water from the sink.
Though the valve did seem to decrease in effectiveness throughout the three tests, it still worked on the third trial. The only thing, was that it took two-three seconds longer to drain the fluid, and it drained more fluid than it originally had on the first test. This could be due to the fact I used a pen spring. But, it still worked, and I feel that it would for more tests in the future. If it were to be applied in real-life, I would need to invest in a different spring.
I was able to finish my poster board this week, which I will use to present with on the few days before finals. It is all laid out very nicely, and I am now on the final stretch of putting together my reflection paper! Doing these weekly reflections will make my final reflection a lot easier this upcoming week.